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22 Nov 2016 - Trial of Valor cleared!

Hell yea! Helya defeated!

Last night, our raid team managed to clear for Trial of Valor, ending the raid week with another chalk on the board!

From next week on, we will focus on getting some speed going. Ideally we should be clearing Emerald Nightmare HC in one evening, leaving the rest of the week for ToV heroic mode.

Recruitment is still very much open, please check out this section if you are interested.
Prophecy defeats Xavius on heroic mode!

After a rather slow start of the raiding this expansion, our team is now starting to look quite good! And we are rather positive about the future. Tonight, we cleared Emerald Nightmare!

We have two new raid leaders, who are in the humble opinion of an old troll doing a great job. Ren and Nazzric, you guys are doing a great job!

We also have some new players who are really good (don't think we're not noticing! :)), the team if definitely stronger since you joined!

We still need a few good trolls to reach Mythic Mode capacity, although we might be able to take a poke at it in the next weeks, we do not have enough raiders yet to consistently have 20 people. Ideally we would like to be at least 25, to give some room for vacations, emergencies and what not.

If you are interested to join, feel free to toss us an application here Or contact us online.

Raid team leaders : Renluwen, Nazzric
If either of them are not online, they may be lurking on alts. Feel free to poke any member and ask, and I'm certain they will point you in the right direction.

Watch this space. I am sure there's more to come.
A group of baddys managed to clear a Mythic +15 dungeon within time for the first time on the realm tonight.

Here is our screenshot!

On a more serious note:

The challenge was nice, but the RNG was not. 7 out of 8 legendaries we had in the group were bad. Which dungeon you get from level 11 onwards? Random. As the difficulty is very different among instances (Eye of Azshara = easy, Halls of Valor = impossible), this can be very frustrating, along with affixes changing every week and essentially resetting your progress.

Our path to 15 was:
Neltharion`s Lair (11)
Neltharion`s Lair (12)
Neltharion`s Lair (13)
Court of Stars (14)
Vault of the Wardens (15)

On the way we managed to clear some other mid ones (level 12 Arcway coming to mind), but this was the best path so we stayed with it. For the level 15 we basically had a 3-4 out of 9 chance to get a "doable" instance, and fortunately we were lucky to get it!

As a nice coincidence, this happens almost 4 years later (1 day difference) from our Realm First - Challenge Conqueror Gold (in Pandaria - news post here -  even fixed the screenshots!)
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We're Recruiting!

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Death Knight Open
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