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15 Dec 2014 - Two bosses down!


They died, see?
Got this down, just in time for Terrace opening!

Yet another good instance (in my opinion), so nice work from Blizzard on this one. It is good to see that they took the concept of "DPS legs, kite boss" and made a non-retarded (HI RHYOLITH) encounter of it this time.
Even though this instance was full of bugs, there were actually few "worth noting" bugs, let`s hope it stays true for heroic.

PS: Imperial Vizier Zorlok loves the left platform so much, he even decided to get stuck there on one of our pulls :D
We`ve finally done it! Tonight went way faster than our usual pace and we managed to get 2 golds in about 4 hours - last 2 we needed for the achievement. Yet again, we kept our tradition: our gold in Shadopan Monastery was with 706 milliseconds to spare!

Overall, these runs were absolutely amazing. Props to Blizz because the tuning felt very good as well. That cooldown reset better come fast though!

Here`s our nice sets

And the mounts

Looking forward to compete with the rest of the realm on the leaderboards!
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