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06 Mar 2016 - Recruitment open!

We are once again recruiting for raiding!

Our goal is to do Mythis raiding, 3 evenings a week in Legion. At the moment while recruiting and forming up, we are doing heroic mode flex.

We are mainly looking for DPS and healers. And we are also interested in DPS with tanking offspec.

If you are interested, go ahead and make a forum account and then post an application right here. Or send it as a PM to Sylvestere.

If you have any raid team specific question please contact Sylvestere or Shahada. Either in-game or right here on the forum using PM. If you have any forum related questions, go ahead and poke me,  Maky, Knox or Vervain.

28 Feb 2016 - sini is awesome

thanks to SINI for setting this up and thanks to FLIPP for the files


01 Feb 2015 - Highmaul cleared!

We are in the top 40.000 guilds! Aiming for top 30.000 for next raid tier.

Yay us!
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We're Recruiting!

We have a few open slots Find out more »

Death Knight Open
Demon Huntard Open
Druid Open
Hunter Open
Mage Open
Monk Open
Paladin Open
Priest Open
Rogue Open
Shaman Open
Warlock Open
Warrior Open

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