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First post in the news area! We`ll have to cover up a bit for the whole WotLK experience so far, so it`s going to be quite a wall of text.
Enjoy! :)

Naxxramas (25-man) : Military Quarter cleared

Tonight (07/12/08) we cleared the three bosses in the Military Quarter of Naxxramas - Instructor Razuvious, Gothik the Harvester and The Four Horsemen.

We warmed up a bit on Instructor Razuvious, and got him to 19% in the first try, and got him down the try afterwards. It was a nice warmup fight for the Military Quarter, too bad most it was "tank and spank" for most of the people.

Afterwards, we proceeded to 2-shot Gothik the Harvester as well. It was a fun fight, but we were prepared from the 10-man version, so it went down fast.

Finally, we went on to The Four Horsemen. This was a very fun and quite challenging fight, unfortunately our main "challenge" was server connection, which screwed up a few good attempts. Nonetheless, we prevailed!

Congratulations to Bullzerker and Pipehoof for their new Tier 7 chestpieces!

We have three wings cleared in Naxxramas (heroic) now - Plague, Spider and Military, and we`re going for more on Tuesday!

Naxxramas (10-man) short story

We also spent time in the normal version of the raids. We started Naxx in the secon...

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