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19 Oct 2012 - Heroic Stone Guard down

First boss is down in heroic mode. Entry boss, so it went down pretty fast, about 1 evening and a bit more. Nothing special here, except maybe the 2% wipe a few tries before the kill.
Err.. I mean we 1-shot it... those aren`t our corpses there :D

Challenge Mode update

Slowly getting them golds! 7 down, 2 to go. We`ve had yet another very close call in Scarlet Monastery, 446 milliseconds to spare this time! Another highlight is our very good time in Temple of the Jade Serpent, which is still World #20 so far.
Eramor managed to record two of our runs: Temple of the Jade Serpent and Scholomance. Seeing as we streamed almost everything, they should all be somewhere. Soon™!

15 Oct 2012 - Mogu'shan Vaults cleared

Will of the Emperor down

Cleared 6/6, heroic modes next week. This was a good instance overall, and (at least from a tank point of view) the last boss was one of the best fights in a long time.

Elegon down!

This boss is way harder than the rest so it took us quite a bit to get him down. The kill was pretty close though, as you can see in this photo (DKs are imba, yes?)

Now for a real photo:

Just one boss left in Mogushan Vaults, hopefully it goes down soon™!

Challenge Modes - 4 Gold Medals

We had quite some adventures in challenge modes, including:
  • A missed world record because of a mob being somewhat buggy (apparently Death Grip isn`t enough to "tag" it)
  • A gold medal with 320 milliseconds to spare
  • Many, many curses at the pa-trolls inside Mogushan Palace which ruined so many goo(l)d runs
(and probably more!)

Here`s our current status at the moment:
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